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  • Muhammad Usman O+ From Islamabad
  • Uzair O+ From Islamabad
  • M. Imran O+ From Lahore
  • Muhammad Saleem AB+ From Sialkot
  • umer farooq A+ From Lahore
  • Jawad Ahmad O+ From Sheikhupura
  • Rana yasin O+ From Sialkot
  • Majid AB- From Attock
  • Mr.Faizan Jutt O+ From Lahore
  • Faizan Z Ghulam O+ From Lahore
  • Jalal Hussain B+ From Lahore
  • Javaid Akbar AB+ From Lahore
  • Irfan Ali Rajput A+ From Multan
  • Bilal O- From Sialkot
  • Ali O- From Lahore
  • Mohammad Haris Sohail O+ From Bahawalpur
  • Syed Zaki O- From Lahore
  • Rehman Tariq B+ From Multan
  • Abdul wahab B+ From Swabi
  • Nadeem akhtar O+ From Khushab